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The RMT Center is located in Altadena/Pasadena, California


Wiep's massage of my head and neck

reduced my vertigo, to where I can now go for

walks again without using a cane.

~ Barbara, Arlington, VA

She re-defined my jawline, waistline, and

hips in two sessions.

The effects lasted for several months.

~ Barbara, La Canada, CA

Best physical therapy!

No longer have any sciatica pain,

which is fabulous.

~ Nancy, Park City, UT

Convenient Massages

New! WiepCare for Women - Reconstructive Muscle Therapy is now being offered at Birthing Women’s Health in Pasadena as well as at the RMT Center, or Wiep can come to you at home.

In Home

In Wiep’s RMT Center

At Birthing Women’s Health

Wiep uses the premier body work system for healing muscles, circulation,

joints and nerves!

Enhanced Relaxation & Breathing

Improved Muscle Strength & Circulation

Improved Mobility

Lasting Pain Relief

Accelerated Detoxification

Postural Correction

Cellulite Elimination

Body & Facial Sculpting


Reconstructive Muscle Therapy

by Wiep de Vries,

Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist & Health Educator

Rapid Results

Foolish the doctor who

despises the knowledge

acquired by the ancients.

– Hippocrates Entering the World

Because pain is only a

messenger, our focus is to

remove the cause of pain

rather than the pain itself.

– Thomas Griner